Planet SOS by Marie G. Rohde

22 Modern Monsters Threatening our Environment (and what you can do to defeat them)

A beautiful book by Marie G Rohde, Published by What on Earth Books
April 2020

I always love the titles published by What on Earth Books. They are incredibly informative and full of wonderful illustrations and provide new ways to look at our world, and inspire students. Planet SOS is a blend of mythical monsters, environmental issues and ideas of how we can help.

Planet destroying beasts fill the pages of this brilliant book. From The Ozone Serpent to Smogosaurus and Trash Kong. Each monster is compared to a mythical beast and given new powers that destroy our world. It is a fascinating way to look at our environmental issues and for younger children to become familiar with ways to make changes.

Each monster is also given a “Monster Card”. These cards provide important details about where the monster can be found, ways in which these monsters are being fed by humans, but also ways in which they can be defeated. I think the monster cards and the map at the back might be the highlight of the book for me. Many children can relate to a top trumps style card game and these cards could provide endless learning opportunities.

Excellent map and timeline of environmental issues being recorded

The illustrations are incredible! Combining elements of a monster and their environmental impact is ingenious and makes each page an ultimate study of monsters and issues!

I admit to spending ages trawling through the pages, reading about the mythical monsters as well as the ones we need to defeat! The monster cards give some excellent ideas on how children and adults can make changes at home and school to combat these beasts. Ideas like recycling, using less energy and avoid single use plastics.

Add this to your book lists, It is amazing!

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