Flyntlock Bones, the Sceptre of the Pharaohs by Derek Keilty and Mark Elvins

Published by Scallywag Press

Get set for a pirate adventure you won’t soon forget! Meet the clever crew and help them on their first adventure together. Flyntlock Bones is a new character with a trilogy planned in his name. Anchors Away Scallywags!

Flyntlock Bones is too old for the orphanage now and is off to get a job on The Black Hound! Accepted on a one week trial as cabin boy, Flynn meets the crew and off they go on an adventure. This is a pirate ship and crew with a difference. No longer treasure seeking to fill their boots, they investigate robberies and mysteries instead.

Flynn needs to find his sea legs before he can help to solve the mystery at the museum. He also needs to avoid Drudger, the former cabin boy, and mean pirate. Red, a young girl is on hand to show him the ropes and teach him the ways of The Black Hound.

The museum has had a precious and ancient sceptre stolen. Legend has it that “he who wields the sceptre, wields power”. Flynn and Red follow the clues to a rival pirate gang. However, this pirate crew are true pirates out only for treasure. Their captain Morihearty is ruthless and power hungry!

When only Flynn and Red are healthy enough to follow the crew of the Scurvy Serpent, they find Morihearty raising Mummies from the dead to follow his power. Can Flynn and Red stop him? Children versus a pirate crew and undead Mummies…what could possibly go right?

Never underestimate an orphan child in a book! This hilarious first in the trilogy will enchant and surprise you. Falling into one of my favourite categories of children’s books, highly illustrated chapter books, I am completely delighted with it!

The illustrations are beguiling and detailed and are reminiscent of Chris Riddell and Chris Mould. The story of Flynn is excellent and I cannot wait to join the crew on their next investigation!

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