Rocket Boy by Katie Jennings

Written by Katie Jennings, Illustrated by Joe Lillington, Published by Little Tiger

Callum has an active imagination and loves all things space related!

Judging from his mother’s facial reactions and her body language, it seems as though she needs a bit of a break from Callum and his boisterous nature. When large boxes arrive and are emptied, Callum drags them upstairs and his adventure can begin.

Charting his course and blasting off into space is a dream come true for Callum. He and Oscar, his cat, survive a meteor shower, repairs to the shuttle and a visit to Mars. There is also a dangerous encounter with a man eating plant!

Oscar has some extraordinary abilities in space and uses them to help Callum! Although, in true cat form he gets hungry and has to have a zero-gravity space nap!

A delightful adventure and full of the wonderfully colourful illustrations that stand behind this series!

My growing collection of shorter, colour illustrated books

All of these books are wonderful, carrying messages of hope, positivity and imagination. Written and Illustrated by highly talented folk of the publishing world. Congratulations Little Tiger and Stripes on these super books!

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