New Frontier’s Delicious New Series

Cakes and pastry and chocolate oh my! My only advice, aside from reading these, would be to read them with a snack or the right ingredients to make one of the recipes in the back of the books.

These delightful chapter books are the perfect size for younger readers, and offer the perfect amount of mystery and detective skills to branch into more in depth solving abilities.

Written by Sally Murphy, Illustrations by Celeste Hulme
Published by New Frontier Publishing

Sage and her famous parents travel the world searching for new foods, recipes and ideas. Sage travels with them but finds trouble and mystery where she goes. An inventive and intrepid 10 year old, Sage finds solutions and solves problems beyond her years! My daughter loves mysteries and she devoured both of the Sage adventures quickly.

In Sweet Escape, the family are visiting a chocolatier before a competition, however the chocolatier is willing to win at any cost. Stranding the family, they must find their way back to the contest from the Australian bush. At 68 pages, it is a perfect size for budding detectives and adventurers. The last couple of pages include a recipe for chocolate fondant! With my mouth watering, I read this and joined the family on their adventure.

There are plenty more books in the series, so a great reason to encourage children to pick up the first one!

Snow Day is an adventure when Sage and her parents visit some friends in the Australian Alps, Sage gets involved in a missing person mystery. As the book is short, you get embroiled in the mystery straight away and watch Sage figure things out, hopefully in time to save the missing boy, Kyle. Sage is a smart, quick thinking girl and a great role model for young readers.

Written by Brenda Gurr, Illustrations by Nancy Leschnikoff
Published by New Frontier Publishing

Zinnia Jakes is a young girl with an incredible talent for baking magical cakes, though by day she goes by the name of Zoe. Believing no one would buy cakes baked by a young girl, she and her Aunt came up with the secret identity! Impressive orders fly in for Zinnia and she must use all her efforts and talents so as not to let anyone down, with a little help from magical cat, Coco! The next order of a crumbling castle cake puts her talents to the test! Will she deliver the cake by the deadline without anyone spotting her? Delightful Zoe is another super role model for young readers and I am hopeful for more in this series.

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