The Bum that Barked Blog Tour

Written by Elisa Peacock, Illustrated by Rowena Aitken
Published by Tiny Tree, an imprint of Matthew James Publishing

Bean is a fluffy pup with an extraordinary tale! His rise to stardom, adoration and fame is all because of Bongo. Now you might think Bongo is a friend, a partner or another pup but think again…

Bongo is Bean’s bottom! Together they create a fun, entertaining and surprising act on stage, with fans paying to watch the show! Bean learns to lip sync while Bongo belts out tunes in all styles- rock, jazz, opera and hip hop.

Told in rhyme, we see what Bean needs to do to calm his nerves before the big show. Chili, beans on toast and bean burgers- we can see where he got his name! However, Bongo is in for a surprise!

Fun, bright and colourful illustrations show us exactly what happens with “The Bum that Barked”! A Hilarious book promising to have young readers in stitches as the show begins and a different sound is shared with the audience. Will the show go on?

Out Now from Tiny Tree Books, an imprint of Matthew James Publishing

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