The Story of Babushka by Catherine Flores

Reading this book was accompanied with the feeling of playing with a set of Babushka dolls, examining them and appreciating their uniqueness and beauty. There was a true sense of taking them apart, assigning them unique qualities and then bringing them back together again.

As a set of 5 dolls, within the story, they are all unique and have different qualities to offer the world and the last doll allows them all to go and find their way in life- leaving her behind with the heart.

All choosing different directions and reasons for leaving, it is not until they are all gone that the last doll finds her own purpose in life and goes on her own journey of discovery.

Completely heart warming with a soul steeped in tradition and legend, there is much to share and enjoy with this beautifully illustrated story. Likely to engage and enchant readers, young and old. Not to mention set a soaring in sales of Babushka dolls!

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