Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue Blog Tour- Anna Fargher

Welcome to my stop on the Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue blog tour. This is a highly anticipated sequel to the much loved Umbrella Mouse. As you will have seen from the blog tour, there is a lot of love for Pip and her gang of brave animals as they fight behind the scenes of World War II.

It was so lovely to be back with Pip, Madame Fourcade and the gang from Noah’s Ark, although when we re-join their adventure, they are mourning the loss of several comrades. During the battle and escape from Nacht und Nebel camp, Hans, Leon and GI Joe were killed in action and all the survivors have scars and wounds to heal. However the war is not won and so onwards to new adventures and battles to turn the tide towards the Allied Forces.

There are few dull or quiet moments in Pip’s adventure as they now race towards Paris to meet the Allies there. Of course, travelling through occupied forests and traps is never safe and Noah’s Ark must have their wits about them and learn who to trust- it is not always easy to spot a spy, as we learned with Lucia in the first book.

There are several bands of resistance fighters hiding on their journey to Paris and Pip is revered by most- although some worry she is leading danger to them. A mouse kitten with an umbrella is hard to miss. I still love Pip and her headstrong courage and love for her comrades- she is willing to sacrifice plenty on this journey- and I loved her more for it.

Madame Fourcade is still leading the troupe and putting her hoglets first in keeping them secretly safe. Henri, and plenty of new animal friends are welcomed into the throng of animals fighting to push the Nazis back to Germany. Simple tricks of chewing through wires, and being small enough to squeeze through gaps ensures that sabotage is working, and the people of Paris are urged to revolt against those occupying their beloved city.

When Lucia returns to get Pip, it is with a heavy heart that the group agree to Pip’s plan- I was on tenterhooks reading this part of the book- willing Lucia to find a deep inner kindness but we know she has none. There are certainly some sad moments to follow but we can celebrate the rescue of the hoglets, the push from the human Allies and the end of the war.
Perhaps my favourite part is the ending- simply wonderful and so emotional. You will need tissues throughout this incredible and courageous journey!

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