My Headteacher is an Evil Genius- Written by Jack Noel

Written and Illustrated by Jack Noel, Published by Walker Books

Shy and unassuming Tom Ginger spends her breaks playing the solo game “Walk the Block” as she has no friends. She isn’t likely to become popular or a hero at all…or is she?

Belton Primary is your normal, everyday primary school where cliques of kids hang out, ignore their teachers and attend boring assemblies. When a new flamboyant head teacher leads the latest assembly, the children get on board with the flashing lights, cheers and promises to make Belton Primary better! It seems as though she may have some interesting plans for the school.

Tom’s class has a pet guinea pig, named Hammy, or Hamilton Ariana McDonalds McHamface Yas-Queen Potter. The entire class loves him and are devastated when he escapes and goes missing! There are too many changes taking place and the students are slightly worried about where Hammy might be hiding!

Scroll down to see some of HAMMY’s antics!

Tom, having broken a window quickly gets ostracised with popular kid, Sam. As other children misbehave they get brutally called out and shamed, becoming a gang of rejects. Using a hidden talent of Tom’s, they quickly learn some scary truths about their new headteacher! Is Tom able to make friends and stop the plans of the evil headteacher? Can anyone find Hammy?

Hilariously funny and full of super, quirky comic style illustrations, this book had me giggling throughout reading it. Tom is an excellent character, and set to become a hero…and HAMMY is the sweetest class pet ever!

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