Mini Books, Mini Reviews!

I wanted to create a special blog post for this set of books as I feel they are in between. What I mean is that they are neither chapter book nor picture book but a fun mixture of the two. Smaller in size than both a picture book and chapter book, they are hard backed and lovely. Their pages are filled with imaginative stories and glorious illustrations.

This yellow cover beckons the reader in and upon opening the book you will find green pages! I don’t see this often in books so I was pleasantly surprised. This book has comical short stories featuring bear and his woodland friends, acting almost human. Witty and charming, it is fun to watch them try on glasses, play cards and try on clothes. It is a special book and I can see it being read constantly. It would be ideal for a Year 2 or 3 classroom!

A warning for the reader, don’t let the pretty cover distract you from the gory story inside the pages. Gus is forever leaning back in his chair, angry at everyone and refusing to listen to warnings about injury. His cross words cause anger amongst family and classmates and one day, the inevitable happens- he falls and cracks his head. When his brain butterfly, all his memories, imagination and feelings, threatens to fly away, Gus learns the importance of memories, both good and bad. Even ones locked away deep inside! Moving and honest, this is an incredible book. Told in rhyme and Illustrated with colours to suit the mood, children and adults will love this!

This is a fun and colourful book full of Bibbit stories. Bibbit is a frog who has a super jumping ability! We follow Bibbit and his friends on several adventures, from swimming to picnics and parties and a trip to the city. Bibbit has a strong sense of adventure and is gaining confidence and courage with each jump. Delightfully illustrated, this is a lovely set of stories for younger readers building their stamina in reading and making connections to a character through several adventures.

Based on a classic Swedish Fairytale, this is a compelling book to share aloud. Though her father is a brave knight, it comes to the daughter to save him and countless others from a giant. When her father leaves to fight the giant, the daughter waits patiently and then impatiently. Realising the dangers, she swims to the island, rests and prepares herself for battle. Armed with only an umbrella and a mirror, she draws on all her courage and cunning to defeat the giant. Incredible illustrations create the atmosphere of danger and the bold red colour of the girls dress shows her outward courage! A new favourite for me!

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