Molly and the Bog Sprogs- Blog Tour

Written by Lee Thomas, Illustrated by Raluca Farcas, Published by Tiny Tree

Lee Thomas has created a lyrical, rhyming story that rolls off the tongue when read aloud. Raluca Farcas has colourfully illustrated Molly and her snakes that they almost leap off the pages!

Molly is a monster with snakes as her hair, pythons, rattlesnakes and anacondas all with names and destructive capabilities. Molly knows and loves them like they are her sisters but they do get in the way and cause problems. Especially when Molly has her heart set on playing ukulele at the talent show.

Molly is forced to try something new each year to stop the snakes getting in the way but nothing seems to work. Encouraged to think carefully about her snakes and her talent leads Molly to take a new approach to her sisters.

Will it be enough to win the talent contest? Buy this delightfully fun book to find out what happens to Molly and her snakes.

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