Sona Sharma, Very Best Big Sister Blog Tour!

Written by Chitra soundar, illustrated by jen khatun, published by walker books

Sona lives with a large, bustling and busy family where everyone is welcome, the phone is always ringing and love is shared abundantly! Sona revels in the attention she gets from all her family and is secure within her family bubble. Until, that is, one day, when an announcement is made that makes Sona feel worried, unsure and unwilling to share. A new baby is on the way…

Her best friend, Elephant, understands because, “families were not as easy to share as coconuts or bananas”. Sona has all the expected emotions of an only child preparing to meet a new member of the family and as the reader, we can see what she is feeling and hope she can learn to understand and cope.

Her family reassure her and explain that there is enough love for Sona and for the new baby and it is a poetic time, one that is completely heart warming and perfect for sharing within a family experiencing the same situation.

After plenty of chats with Elephant and her family, and learning about some amazing and exciting family traditions, Sona feels more a part of the celebrations before the birth. There is to be a special naming ceremony for the new baby and Sona learns that she will get to choose one of the names. The family will whisper these names to the baby when they are born and it is a special moment for all the family.

I love the cultural references in this book and learning about how other families and cultures welcome babies into the world. These are worth celebrating and sharing widely.

I was completely enchanted by Sona and her love for her family, and the way she becomes determined to choose just the right name for her new little sister!

Available to buy now from all great independent booksellers!

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