Emily Knight Series- Blog Tour

I am…, I am…Awakened, I am…Becoming by A. Bello

It is always so exciting to discover a new series and read them together, without waiting months or even a year for the next to be published. When the three I Am…books arrived I immediately dove in. Thrilling, adventurous and gripping, there is so much to keep you turning pages in each book. I lost all track of time while reading!

Emily Knight is a brave new heroine for Middle Grade and Young Adult readers. She is intelligent, courageous and ready to fight for what is right. Emily belongs to a group of elite warriors with unique abilities and powers, working together as a team. They have one common enemy and it will take all their powers to defeat Neci.

Growing up as part of famous Knight Family, Emily has plenty to live up to. Her family has been in battle with Neci for years and it now comes down to Emily to involve herself and help to solve the mysteries and face the danger.

Is she up to the challenge and can she prove herself and come out from under the shadow of her famous family? Is she ready to be all she can be?

Read the books to enter the fantastical world of Emily Knight! I guarantee you will find excitement, thrills and epic battles!

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