Lottie Loves Nature, Frog Frenzy Blog Tour

Written by Jane Clarke, Illustrated by James Brown, Published by Five Quills

Lottie is a nature enthused, scrapbook making, conservationist! She aspires to be like her favourite TV presenter, Samira Breeze, who presents a show all about wildlife. Lottie lives life to the fullest and has brilliant ideas for enhancing her own garden to make it more wildlife friendly.

Inspired by Samira to build a frog pond, Lottie searches for some help. Twin brother, Al, famous for his love of science, is busy reconstructing their bikes so he suggests their neighbour, Noah Parfitt. Mr Parfitt, Noah’s Dad, is not keen on nature or gardening and has turned his yard into a putting green.

Finding his putting green overrun with ants causes him some distress so Lottie offers to help divert the ants using sugar. In Lottie’s zealousness, things take a turn for the funny! We know nature doesn’t always follow the plan, so when the ants and frogs begin to take over the putting green, Lottie needs to work extra hard to save them all from Mr Parfitt.

This series is perfect for budding nature detective, environmentalists and conservationists. It has brilliant fact files, ideas how to create homes and safe places for garden wildlife as well as helpful tips to help save the planet. The illustrations are delightful, a great blend of scientific diagrams and the storyline.

It is wonderful to see books for younger readers all about the wonders of science. Lottie loves nature, Al loves science and Noah is keen to live on Mars. There is truly something for all mini scientists!

I am excited to see what mayhem Lottie finds in her next adventure, Bee-Ware… a hint in the title!

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