The Time Traveller and the Tiger Blog Tour!

This atmospheric, fast paced adventure had my heart quickening over the tiger trade that was very much a part of India’s history. Our historical time travelling story begins with nondescript Elsie being forced to stay with Great-Uncle John as her parents forgot it was the school holiday.

Telling Elsie about the tiger rug in his home, and the reasons it is his greatest regret become a strange mission for Elsie as she is whisked back in time after finding a rare flower with magical powers in the greenhouse. Unbelieving, she finds herself in 1946, moments before John shoots the tiger. Fate has brought her here to save John and to save the tiger.

John, Elsie and Mandeep form a friendship full of bickering, squabbles and arguments as they all try to lead the group to safety. They have stumbled into a tiger hunting ring and their lives are in danger. Bravely, the children forge a plan to protect the tigers who roam free as well as the drugged ones held captive. They must use all their skills to save themselves and the beautiful animals.

A wonderfully woven story with fascinating and courageous characters, an element of magic and the ever necessary message of conservation.

I was completely entranced by this tale and imagine it will strike the heart of many young readers.

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