Where to Begin with Board Books!

When we hear a friend is having a baby some of us rush out to buy muslin cloths, cute outfits and necessities. I however, rush to buy books! It got me to thinking about the board books on offer from publishers. Which then got me to think about how we begin to read with our babies and toddlers.

Reading behaviours are learned and I always remember the famous quote from Emilie Buchwald, “Children are made readers on the lap of their parents”. We can interchange parents for any grown up with influence over the child now but the statement remains the same. Children are taught how to turn pages, look at pictures and begin to see patterns within the letters.

Those moments spent looking at a book with a baby become treasured memories, and setting aside that time ensures they grow up with a love of books and reading. Babies and toddlers mimic the behaviour around them and by turning the pages, pointing out illustrations and sharing the story, we are teaching them those first reading skills.

I reached out to Usborne as I know their board books are beautiful and full of enchanting details, peek through pages and touch and feel textiles.

Little fingers love to pull at flaps to discover what is hiding below and bug homes is perfect as many are completely hidden around us. This book will inspire hours of big hunting outside and inside under the flaps. Why not read this and then hunt in the garden for bugs and minibeasts? These books offer an extension of reading into outside and exploring activities!
A magical walk through the forest in any season is enchanting for any little reader and this book will help them discover who might be found in amongst the trees and streams. With fun facts about animals hidden under the flaps, this will delight! What animals might you find in the forests of England? Hopefully not the sleeping bear…
Bees are nature’s most industrious workers so this book serves as a lovely introduction to what happens in a hive. There is plenty to see and learn under each flap and will highlight the importance of bees to our world! By allowing children to understand bees and know their importance, we are teaching them to appreciate all of nature’s creatures.
My 9yo stole this from my office and I have yet to get it back. The tactile animals are running away from being tickled and there are sounds and a song to play! There is an on/off button for when it becomes too catchy and you find yourself humming it.

I have also chosen some of Little Tiger’s best board books that would make super bedtime stories.

Britta Teckentrup is synonymous with wonderful peek through books and stunning illustrations. This is no exception. Featuring an array of animals and information about nighttime around the world. The moon takes centre stage as it waxes and wanes in the night Sky.
From peek through pages featuring sunsets, we watch as animals scurry home to get ready for bed. Enchanting illustrations calm the readers as we too settle down for cuddles and a sleepy slumber. Delightful and calming for excitable little ones.

The overwhelming message of board books for me is that they beg to be read and shared, little hands guided to turn pages, lift flaps and follow the stories. So when new babies arrive please buy them books and help parents to spend time reading them each night. Let’s share the wonders of books with our littlest readers!

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