The Couch Potato by Jory John and Pete Oswald

Not sure what to think of The Couch Potato?? Well, prepare to be amazed with the trailer for this incredible book and an introduction to the newest member of the gang!

A completely delightful series of books with important messages for kids and adults alike. Offering plenty of chances to giggle each book features a new character, whether it be bean, potato, seed or egg! We all know the sayings, “couch potato”, “good egg”, “cool bean” and “bad seed” and probably use them to describe ourselves or someone we know. Taking them literally Jory John and Pete Oswald have captured the meaning of each in a picture book!

The four covers shown below are captivating and fun and will inspire children to pick these up again and again!

Using the link to YouTube below you can watch and learn how to draw these fantastic characters with illustrator extraordinaire Pete Oswald.

The Couch Potato is happiest when relaxing on his couch. He doesn’t need to move as there are robotic hands to provide snacks, remotes for most other things and a wall of screens for entertainment, so “why would I ever leave this comfy, cosy couch?”

When the unimaginable happens, Couch Potato is forced to acknowledge the outside world and is surprised at how bright the sun is, how fresh the air and how beautiful the park. Realising there is more than his “comfy, cosy couch”, Couch Potato goes for bike rides, plays hide and seek and relaxes while watching the sunset.

Finding a balance with screen time and real life, the Couch Potato learns some valuable life lessons! I adore these books and think they are brilliant for schools and homes…

If you need me I will be busy re-reading the series!

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