Sea Djinn by Linda Davies

Written by Linda Davies, Cover by Claire Bond, Published by Jerboa Books

Sea Djinn appealed to me for several reasons; a love I have for mythical characters, the fact the book is set in Dubai and also because I have previously met and heard Linda Davies speak about a previous title, Longbow Girl. My husband and I lived in Dubai for several years and I am instantly transported back to the heat, sun and sand of the Middle East.

Mythical characters such as Triton and Hydrus appear in this tale, as the ultimate fight between good and evil goes underwater. Finn comes face to face with Triton and learns his parents have been kidnapped by Hydrus, the evil Sea Djinn. Travelling with friends Georgina and Fred, the trio must use all their skills to survive.

Hailed as ‘Dubai’s Harry Potter’, the book is steeped in local culture and heritage. It is adventurous with a mix of mythical and fantastical elements. The story flows well and is equally thrilling and fast paced. Artfully written and with superb use of language I think this book will appeal to plenty of KS2 readers.

I look forward to adding more from this series to my own bookshelves and to the schools I work with. Especially appealing to boys, this active and exciting book will transport them to a city I once called home!

I haven’t read many books set in the sands of Dubai and am so pleased to see a series set there, enlarging the world to the children reading.

Also in the series are Fire Djinn, Storm Djinn and King of the Djinn. All sounds exciting and add to the mystery of Finn and his legacy.

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