Flamingo Fashion Audiobook Blog Tour

Written by Samantha Hunter, Read by Michael Maloney, Illustrations by Maggy Roberts

Audiobooks are a firm form of reading for many people, whether on a commute, while cooking or just before bed. I know many parents who regularly download audiobooks to share with their children at home and schools are looking at ways of using them in classrooms for those reluctant readers.

Flamingo Fashion is a fun audiobook created by Samantha Hunter and is read by The Crown star, Michael Maloney. His expression and enthusiasm is contagious as you listen to the antics of Freddie and Fifi Flamingo. The catchy music at the beginning sets the tone for a fun, frollicking adventure!

Fabulous Freddie and Fifi Flamingo are trend setters and want to inject a dose of bright pink into the beasts of the plains. All they see are greens and browns so they decide to open a fancy shop and are thrilled when a queue forms out the door. It seems the other animals are looking for a bit of colour too!

Dressing a crocodile in flip flops, a giraffe in flares, a snooty lion in a feathery headdress and plenty of other animals visiting the shop for a boost of colour. Everyone is having a fantastic time! Later that evening while celebrating with a shrimp cocktail, the flamingoes are surprised when the customers come back in anger.

A storm of anger brews and as the rain washes away the bright pink, the flamingos realise that the animals are perfect just as they are. A brilliant story all about celebrating who you are and being yourself.

Check out the website below for a fun look at Maggy Roberts illustrations and truly get a sense of how the animals were dressed by Freddie and Fifi. There are some fun activities to get you styling and designing like the flamingos.


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  1. I didn’t want to read your review until I had finished writing my own, but I’m glad that our views of this enjoyable audiobook are similar Erin. I hope that you are enjoying a relaxing Easter break. I must say that I found it hard to only have the bank holidays this year😊


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