The Cookie, a story of friendship and food allergy!

Written and Illustrated by Kath Grimshaw! Published by Little Green Elephant Books

I was lucky enough to find Kath Grimshaw on twitter when she was promoting her book about a food allergy. There are so many books being published with diverse characters, and Kath has spotted a gap in this market for children with severe allergies. While we aim for every child to see themselves in books, this is a fantastic one for children with allergies. When I was growing up, there were few allergies in my school- most of us took peanut butter sandwiches for our lunch. Now schools take a firm stance on being nut free, and many children contend with multiple allergies. It can be a steep learning curve!

Laurie and Lewis have been best friends since they were babies and though they have different interests and hobbies, they both love to play and share. When one cookies results in an ambulance being called for Laurie, Lewis feels utterly awful. Learning that Laurie must make so many changes makes Lewis feel left out.

Informative, yet remaining a story gives this book the upper hand on being a popular choice for children who have allergies or a recent diagnosis to deal with. Told plainly and informatively, children will understand how some foods can make others ill and know the steps needing to be taken to protect the child.

Wonderful illustrations and some handy information at the back provide the much needed medical details to make this story even more relevant.

Thank you for the opportunity to read and share this book! I will be sharing with my schools and encouraging them to have copies on hand to help explain allergies!

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