Ten Little Dogs- A delightful counting book!

Written and Illustrated by Ruth Brown, Published by Scallywag Press

Counting books are one of the first books that children get hooked on. Whether counting down or counting up, both are popular choices for the youngest of readers. With plenty on the bookshelves to choose from, sometimes it takes one to stand out from the crowd!

Ten Little Dogs is that stand out book. Artistic, colourful and full of adorable dogs- what more do you need?

Ten Little Dogs are out on an adventure, exploring the countryside and having fun. As each page turns, we lose one dog to some activity and the others carry on. But who is missing? Part of the joy of this book is remembering which dog is no longer there.

Each scenario and double page spread shows exactly what dogs would do, from getting stuck with a giant stick, playing tug of war and snoozing in the sun. Dog lovers will adore this special counting book! Readers can spend ages scouring the pages for those delightful details and naming each dog.

One to be shared and enjoyed, this will become part of my favourite collection!

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