Llama on a Mission Blog Tour

When I saw that Levi the Guardian Llama was back with another mission I knew it was a book I needed to read. It was great to be back with Yasmin’s noisy and loving family, back with Levi and excited to begin a new mission!

Written by Annabelle Sami, Illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan, Published by FarShore

My Reasons to Read Llama on a Mission!

  • Who wouldn’t want a Guardian Llama named Levi? This is such a unique idea and I love that Levi was a toy sent to help Yasmin find her voice! His antics and hilarious ideas are laugh out loud throughout the entire story, keeping Yasmin and the reader in their toes.
  • Yasmin is a young girl, part of a large and noisy house full of family! Her room is in the attic but she must traverse every room in the house to get there and it is never quiet or dull as she makes the climb. From trickster brothers to nosy aunties, Yasmin finds solace in her room at the top!
  • Yasmin is a talented artist and wants to pursue her love of art. She has created her own series of comics called Loudmouth, all about her own adventures with Levi.
  • Levi is part of Seen Not Herd, a secret organisation sent to help children around the world. In this second adventure, Levi is tasked with helping Yasmin convince her parents to let her join art club instead of science club.
  • Mama Llama, the head honcho of Seen Not Herd, is a stylish boss who tries to keep Levi in line! She arrives “wearing a long shiny black trench coat with red pointed glasses and lipstick of such a vibrant red”! Not quite how we imagine llamas but this book will make you look at them in a whole new way!
  • Yasmin’s BFF Ezra is kind and patient, understanding that Yasmin is still finding her way with her voice. He does a lovely thing for Yasmin in this story, firmly cementing their friendship and his place in my heart.
  • Levi is being threatened to be permanently made into a real Llama and sent to live in Peru. He must complete his new mission and now that Mama Llama is watching, it is more important than ever before. However, in true Levi style, things do not always go as planned and trouble will definitely ensue!

I love Annabelle Sami’s style of writing and her characters are fantastic! The entire family is well written and funny! Allen Fatimaharan’s illustrations are spot on and the Loudmouth comic is an added bonus.

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