Rita’s Rabbit Blog Tour

I am beyond excited to kick off the celebrations for Rita’s Rabbit! Written by Laura Mucha and Illustrated by Hannah Peck, this fantastic story will be cherished by pet wanting children all over the world!

Hilarious and universal, this story follows a young rabbit-obsessed girl who, on her birthday, expecting and hoping for a rabbit, opens the box to discover something very different. Grandpa shouts “Surprise”, and it is exactly that. Not a fluffy bunny in the box but a rather scaly bearded dragon!

Aptly named, Spike, this pet is as different from a bunny as you can get! When one of the neighbours thousands of bunnies hops into Rita’s home, she is thrilled! Finally a bunny to love and stroke and groom! Reading the text and illustrations in partnership, the story unravels and we can discover the truth of owning a pet!

Rita soon learns to be careful what you wish for, and to learn to love what you have, looking for the positives rather than the differences!

I loved reading this and found the text was humorous and true to a child demanding a pet and expecting the pet to do one thing but surprised when it doesn’t follow the rules! The illustrations by Hannah Peck, one of my new favourites, are delightful and witty, a perfect match for Laura Mucha’s energy and repartee!

This would make for an ideal read aloud for any age children! The stories and connections of pets owned and wanted keeping the tale of Rita’s Rabbit firmly in the heart and mind!

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