Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door Blog Tour

This is a delightful new book which will be perfect for ages 6-8, an age range I always want more books for! The bright and bold cover immediately catches your eye and entices you to pick it up. I love the bold use of the colour pink.

Aziza is celebrating her birthday and playing with a mysterious gift that arrived- a fairy door. Placing it near a plant in her room, Aziza is shocked to hear a knocking sound later that evening. Opening the door, she finds herself in Shimmerton. It is a wondrous and magical world but it does have a certain mischievous quality.

It also has 3 mischievous fairies who promptly steal the jewelled doorknob trapping Aziza in Shimmerton. New friends, Peri and Tiko will do all they can to help Aziza…but how will they get the doorknob back?

Entirely enchanting, this book has unicorn shopkeepers, naughty fairies and plenty of adventure and fun for Aziza to encounter. I particularly loved the S.W.A.B bag, Stuff We Are Borrowing…a hilarious way for The Gigglers to wreak havoc and steal things. All the adults are blinded to their mischief, but not Aziza! She sees through them to their naughtiness.

Children will love getting to know Aziza, Peri, Tiko and even The Gigglers! This is just the beginning of this new series so plenty more to look forward to!

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