A Dinosaur Ate my Sister Blog Tour

I am so happy to be kicking off the blog tour for A Dinosaur Ate my Sister by Pooja Puri, illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan! As the first book in Marcus Rashford’s Book Club, this is setting the bar high for future choices. Check out my review today and follow the rest of the blog tour for this fantastic book!

Watching the reaction to this book on social media has been so heartwarming. Thousands of copies have found their way into the hands of young readers sparking a reading for pleasure movement. Marcus Rashford’s note about the book belonging to the child and for them to feel confident to ask for help and to hold their head high is exactly what we want for our children.

The front cover beckons the reader in with its bright, bold use of colour and the promise of sending an annoying sister back to the age of dinosaurs. Esha and her apprentice slash friend Broccoli have created something unbelievable! Something no one could have predicted- a time machine. What happens next is the brilliant step into epic adventure!

Accidentally sending her boring sister Nishi back in time sends Esha and Broccoli on a rescue mission. This rip-roaring adventure will have you glued to your seat in anticipation, rolling on the floor with laughter and wanting more adventures with the genius inventor, Esha! Broccoli is a hilarious side kick and one who certainly keeps Esha on her toes!

I loved reading this adventure, and one thing that I appreciated was the use of different fonts, styles of writing and illustrations dotted throughout the pages. Written as though an actual account in a notebook, with extra pages from Broccoli and diagrams/drawings to bring the story to life, I was hooked from page one.

I also loved that while this book is entirely funny, it also provides plenty of cool facts about dinosaurs and it doesn’t shy away from using fantastic vocabulary. Readers will come away with more than just giggles after reading this book.

I truly cannot wait to see more from Pooja Puri, and her characters from this book. I will also keenly be watching Marcus Rashford’s Book Club picks in the coming months!

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