Listified Blog Tour

Written by Andrew Pettie, Illustrated by Andrés Lozano, Published by Britannica Books

This is a giant book full to the brim of quirky lists, fascinating facts and surprising items! From the exceptional endpapers through each page all the way to the glossary and index, this book is phenomenally illustrated and detailed.

Brilliant Endpapers!

Lists are always popular with readers, offering a chance to learn something new without feeling overwhelmed by large amounts of text. Listified offers this plus the ability to dip in and out of subject areas.

For me, I went straight to Animals and learned a few facts to impress friends with! I particularly liked the list about animal migrations, and the list of 100 brilliant beetles! Each page is factual and fun, and double checked for authenticity by the folk at Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Beetlemania Page

Subjects include Space, Dinosaurs, Humans and Game Changers. This last chapter is one full of surprises and I have pored over every page of this one. From journeys to record breakers and deep thoughts to wise words. These types of lists are endlessly fascinating to me.

My son had a favourite page, which we just happened upon while flipping through….body sounds! Endlessly funny noises our bodies make and why- perfect for the 12yo boy! Daughter was slightly different in her choice…she loves birthdays so we found a page about birthday celebrations around the world. Being Canadian, I remember the first one with fond and greasy memories!

Our family cannot recommend this book highly enough!

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