Delightfully Different Dilly Blog Tour

Written by Elizabeth Dale, Illustrated by Liam Darcy, Published by Happy Yak

Children have this wonderful ability to accept differences, to ask questions and to feel no shyness about it. Their honesty is real and true, there is no malice- just curiousity. More books are being published that offer children the chance to see delightful differences and this one is especially gorgeous.

Dilly is different but she can do so many cool things the others cannot. They all try to hop like Dilly but it is really hard with two legs. They try to spin and Dilly tries to do the same as her friends. It isn’t easy for anyone but they have so much fun rolling in the snow, sliding on the ice and being friends. The differences do not matter!

Some of the penguin parents are not so accepting of Dilly and her difference, believing her to be a bad influence on their penguins. Poor Dilly feels sad and lacks confidence to keep up with the others. Her friends help but they end up stuck in a hole.

Stunning illustrations allow this story to float off the page, and readers of all ages will see Dilly as delightfully different, and perfect just as she is. It can take a hard lesson for some to appreciate, respect and accept differences but children inherently know these are to be celebrated!

Beautifully written, Dilly will be a welcome book in every class, library and home- teaching us all to be different and strong.

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