The Book of Four Journeys Blog Tour

WARNING NOTICE: The reader will not find any dragons, wizards, trolls or ogres in this book, but that doesn’t mean it is not filled to the brim with the most peculiar and unexpected characters.

The press release that accompanied this book came with the above warning above and it stuck with me as I was reading each of the 4 short stories. Peculiar and unexpected characters are definitely in each tale and you come to love them as you read and get to know them better.

Each character goes through a rather steep learning curve and adventure in their tale, from Alfalfa, the postman, who travels a great distance to deliver a secret through to Neboo, a grumpy creature who sets out searching for hidden treasure. Separated twins, Mumik and Pimnik travel great distances in the search for each other and orphan Lincoln will discover an adventure where she must answer truthfully!Each unique tale is brilliantly written and full of possibility and hope.

I devoured each story, not all at once, but over a few days and found myself linking back to the story from the day before. Unknown adventures and journeys feature in each story, pushing the characters fully out of their comfort zones and allowing fear and discomfort to enter their world. By conquering these fears and unknown distances, each character learns so much about themselves and the world around them.

I particularly loved Lincoln’s tale as it was full of exceptional vocabulary, a daring heroine and a journey with trials to pass before she could continue. Answering each trial question with honesty, integrity and hope, Lincoln finds a way out of her dreary life in the orphanage and is given a life she wants to build.

At the very end, we meet a new character, which leads me to believe there will be another book. It is one I will want to buy as I found these imaginative, slightly surreal and full of gems of wisdom.

I would love to read these to a class of children and have them decide what each character learns from their journey. Then to discuss what these could help them to learn from each story. What gems will readers take away from each journey? Time to read them, share them and find out!

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