The Bear Who Sailed the Ocean on an Iceberg Blog Tour

I am so pleased to be able to kick off this blog tour! The Bear Who Sailed the Ocean on an Iceberg is an entirely delightful story of grief, hope and friendship. Read on for my full review and do check out the other bloggers on the tour!

Patrick walks into his garage one morning to find a rather interesting sight- a very large but friendly polar bear! Wilbur Ambrose Cedric Reginald Montague, the Third or Monty is pleased to meet Patrick and is a rather gentlemanly bear with good manners and polite conversation. His tends to quote Oscar Wilde and loves to share stories of his travels and experiences.

The arrival of Monty is perfectly timed as Patrick is having a rough time, both at home and school. His baby sister has died and his parents are struggling in their own ways. Mum is depressed and not always able to care for herself or Patrick. Dad has taken a job in Scotland photographing wildlife. Life is very disjointed. Patrick is being bullied in school and is struggling to find his feet in Y7.

With the arrival of Monty, Patrick forges a bond with his grumpy neighbour. It turns out they both have a loss to deal with and need to grieve. Working together, they form a plan to get Monty home. The messages of grief, loss and bullying are dealt with sensitively and lightly, ensuring hope remains throughout the story. At times funny, heartwarming and touching, it is a lovely story.

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