The Imagination Thief Blog Tour

Written by David Oates, Published by Emira Press

As you turn to page one of this tale, you are immediately thrown into the action. Eva and Toby are a normal argumentative brother and sister duo who like to wind each other up and then tell Mum. While Eva still loves and plays with her imaginary friend, Wonder Unicorn, Toby has grown up a bit and no longer wants to play in this imaginative way.

One day, Toby watches Eva and Wonder Unicorn being sucked into a portal and he cannot hide his shock and surprise…before being pulled in himself. It turns out that a villain has plans to steal imaginations from children. He is known as The Imagination Thief.

Along their imaginative adventure, they will meet members of the IFA- Imaginary Friend Alliance. They are a network of strange creatures only children could dream up, Hippocrocopig and Yeti Spaghetti being two of these fantastical characters. It becomes a race against time to save imaginations from this villain and some truths will be discovered for the siblings as they battle together!

This is a shorter story, perfect in length for children aged 6+ who are looking to increase their reading stamina and have a fantastic adventure. The celebration of imagination and imaginary friends is lovely and will inspire children to invent their own friends. There is no limit to the imagination!

Thank you to Emira Press for allowing me to read this brilliant book which was published on 9th December 2021.

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