Loki A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good Blog Tour

Welcome to the week of LOKI!! We are celebrating all week with Q&A’s as well as extracts from this book, culminating in a brilliant cover reveal on Friday at 4pm for Book 2!!

Having read this book, I am thrilled to share with you the very first extract of the week and of the book! Scroll down and meet Loki!!

My Mini Review:

Loki, well known now thanks to the Marvel films, makes a new appearance in Louie Stowell’s cleverly written book. Loki has been upsetting Odin and all those around him and his punishment is to spend time on Earth as a human boy. Thor has been sent with him and becomes an annoying brother on Earth! He now has bedtimes, homework and school to figure out!

Loki must prove himself on Earth but he is constantly up to tricks and finds himself in a losing battle with himself. Filled with Louie’s own illustrations, this book is ideal for readers looking for fun, imagination and hilarious antics.

I can’t wait to see the cover for book 2 and see what is next for Loki!!

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