Flyntlock Bones Blog Tour

The Ghost of Scarletbeard by Derek Keilty and Mark Elvins, published by Scallywag Press!

Ahoy me hearties….Welcome back aboard the Black Hound with Captain Watkins and his Pirate Investigator crew! This is the third adventure and mystery for the crew, with Flynn and Red helping to find the next case!

Without a parrot messenger for ages delivering a new case, the crew are getting thin and starving! While on land, Flynn spots a newspaper announcing a recent theft of none other than the Countess of Bohemia! Her jewels have been stolen again and she swears this time they were stolen by the same pirate as before!

However, Captain Watkins assures her that Captain Scarletbeard is dead…so how can be be behind the thefts?

A proper pirate adventure to the legendary Davy Jones locker is needed and the crew are in for some whirling bouts of trouble with some familiar names and faces! Can they find the treasure and return it to the Countess?

Join this Pirate crew for some do-gooding and earn your keep by swabbing decks and hoisting the sails! Another spectacular adventure for this crew and you can’t help but smile at their antics, their camaraderie and style!

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