Perfectly Weird, Perfectly You by Camilla Pang- Blog Tour

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With a teenager and a pre-teen in my house I am used to strange thoughts, interesting ideas and a lack of confidence in being themselves.

This book will find its way into their line of vision over the coming weeks in the hopes it might be picked up. While I wait for that, I will drip feed them some of the brilliant science and links to growing up. I plan to share snippets from different chapters and weave it into our conversations.

The relatability of the author to the reader is evident in the well written and personal notes throughout the book. Making those connections to the reader is vital and with this scientific approach, an entirely new audience is gained. By sharing her personal life and understanding of her autism, Camilla Pang, ensures that all readers can feel that sense of belonging to a club that welcomes the unique, the brilliant and the perfectly weird!

For some children, those guides to growing up can be daunting, overly body focused and cringe-worthy…but this book is about finding out who you are, what you love and what you want to focus on in your life. These aspects of growing up can get overlooked as our children battle through school, peer groups and pressure. As a parent, my only wishes for my children is that they are happy and healthy. I want them to find that inner happiness that allows them to live freely and proudly.

This book will allow readers to shout from the rooftops about who they are and to feel proud of just that!

This is essential reading for parents and children! I am learning plenty about myself and how I can help my children grow up to be themselves!


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