WolfBane Blog Tour

It is my turn on the blog tour for the 9th and final book in this series by Michelle Paver. It has been a highly anticipated finale for many fans of the series and I know plenty that are re-reading from book 1 again to enjoy a thorough immersion in this world. Check out my Reasons to Read WolfBane and the others in the series!

Reasons to Read…

This is a series that is so committed to the story that 9 books are the outcome. Nine incredible books fully ensuring Michelle Paver is one of the best, some giving her the title of “Creator of Legends!”

Characters that readers become fully invested in and are rooting for, in their quest to save their world. Ambitiously adventurous and absolutely compelling, readers are gripped entirely.

This Stone Age story is set in a time we have limited knowledge of and so Michelle Paver has created the ultimate scenes and settings with her pen that many come to imagine with all their senses. Michelle Paver did her research into cultures of hunter-gatherers to accurately represent this culture in her books.

The finale is as heart stopping as you would hope and expect and readers are taken on a journey with Wolf, Torak and Renn. Ultimate dangers await them all as they head to sea and leave their familiar landscape behind.

The dual perspectives are inspired and give the reader the benefit of seeing two sides throughout the story, learning from one side and willing the other in hope.

The series started in 2005 with Wolf Brother and has touched millions of lives with each subsequent novel capturing imaginations. Now with its final book published, an entirely new generation of reader will discover this series.

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