I am NOT a Prince by Rachael Davis

I am a big fan of fairytales and in more recent years, twists and new perspectives on fairytales. Rachael Davis has created a fun and inclusive twist on the tale of The Frog Prince. The book is bright and colourful with illustrations from Beatrix Hatcher.

Hopp lives in a world where frogs are destined to become princes, being bold, brave and true! When it is his turn to be kissed, Hopp protests and is banished from his lagoon by the other frogs. Hopping on a lily pad and sailing off on a journey to find himself, Hopp happens upon a mouse in distress.

When Hopp later discovers a bear in a sticky situation and a dragon in danger, he immediately hops to their aid. All are in debt of Hopp and label him kind, strong and brave! While Hopp does feel these things, he most certainly does not want to be labelled a Prince.

The symbolic rainbow gate gives readers a clue as to what might happen next. Instead of being told what he is, Hopp is asked what he is and this makes all the difference in the world. Imagine being accepted for who and what you want to be…

Finding strength in his new identity, Hopp heads back to his lagoon and friends, giving them the strength to make bold choices rather than being told what they are!

Joyous, colourful and full of empowering messages, this is a must have for young readers!

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