Small by Hannah Moffat

Check out my review for this very funny book about finding who you are, making friends and being brave!

Welcome to the world of Harvey Small! His parents have separated and he believes it to be his fault and bears the weight of their arguments on his shoulders. However, today is his birthday and he is in for some giant surprises!

His mum has gifted him some stilts, extra long dungarees and a tall velvet hat. Harvey really wanted football boots. When the door knocks, these gifts soon become clear. Harvey is known as a small and will be attending his new school in disguise as a giant. Giants notoriously hate smalls so Harvey will need to become a giant and keep his true identity a secret. Well, you can imagine just how tricky this is going to be and hilarious!

Giants are smelly, loud and eat awful food! However, Harvey has made a good friend and is determined to stick it out in this school in the hopes it will help bring his parents together!

However, it will not be so simple! The fortune teller in the cellar has predicted a kidnapping and Harvey thinks he has it all figured out! Can a small really save a giant?

A brilliant story of courage, friendship and family. On top of the epic tale, the character names are fantastic and the dancing and cancan moments will have you in giggles.

This would make for a super class novel!

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