Cursed Tales Blog Tour

Wesley is celebrating the end of term with the hopes of a cold drink from a new shop near his home. Walking into the Asco Express, Wesley quickly notes that this is not your average corner shop. Choosing a cola and trying to pay prove more difficult and Wesley tries to sprint away.

Knocking over glass jars filled with “Authentic Pickled Gher-Kings”, Wesley finds the rooms spinning and getting darker. When he wakes he meets his new employer, Great Pharaoh Akahten IX. Yes, employer…Wesley must now work for all eternity due to the damage caused!

Wesley is cursed! What an interesting start to his summer holidays. What follows is an adventure of Ancient Egyptian proportions, with mummies, curses and an all too clever cat aptly named Bast. Wesley will need to find a way to break the curse and as he learns clues to help him, he realises that he will need the help of his best friends, Marishana and Aiden.

Though what can three children do against an ancient curse? If you are a fan of middle grade books, then you know the answer is Everything! Children are always the heroes of their stories!

I loved reading this as it was quick and snappy, full of excitement and information about Ancient Egypt. It also dealt nicely with friendships in the face of moving to secondary school and worries over those friendships surviving the move to different schools.

Wesley and his friends have a great bond and trust in each other. They will certainly need this to beat the curse! I also love endings that lead to beginnings…

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