The Dream Hoarder by David Oates

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It’s great to have a sequel that stays true to the storyline, where there is growth in the characters and where the adventure is as exciting as the first story!

The Imagination Thief was a bonkers adventure for Eva and her brother Toby. They are back in The Dream Hoarder, where we can see that the quirky Eva is being bothered by some weird dreams. Another trip to the land of unwanted imaginary friends is surely on the cards.

Eva is finding life a bit tricky at the moment as she navigates a new friendship with Grace. Grace is new and Eva wants to suppress some of her quirkier habits in the hopes this friendship will bloom.

When Astrodog requests help, Eva and Toby head to the tree in their garden where the portal is hidden. Stepping in, Eva can hear her mum shouting something but she misses it and it isn’t until Grace falls into them that Eva realises what has happened.

Can Eva and Toby help Grace to understand what has just happened? Will she be the friend that Eva so desperately needs? I will leave you asking these questions as you head to Emira Press to get both books in the series.

Brilliant for all readers who love quirky characters, exciting adventures and some life lessons about being true to yourself! Embrace your quirkiness!

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