Do Babies Wear Pyjamas? Blog Tour

This is a new addition to the book series, Alexander’s Questions by Fransie Frandsen, celebrated author-illustrator. In this book, Alexander asks, “Do babies wear pyjamas?” And it sets into motion a funny look at the curiosity of children.

Part of the charm of this book is the simple use of text across the pages but mainly in the unique and quirky art styles and illustrations. Brimming with colour and texture, each page is a new delight for young readers.

By sharing this series with a young reader, you are allowing them to ask those burning questions that we likely take for granted. Their unique view on the world should teach us to slow down and take note a bit more.

This is a fun series for little ones brimming with curiosity. The playful humour will appeal to parents as they read this time after time!

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