Meet the Readers- Louise Nettleton, @lou_nettleton

Meet the Gatekeepers was so much fun and it had an overwhelmingly positive response so I decided to flip the coin and get to know those who read and covet the books! I am aiming for weekly posts now as there are so many amazing bloggers to chat with!

What better way to start than in a new year with high hopes for a wonderful year of reading, blogging and making connections. This new feature will run every two weeks and will promote the brilliant folk I have met and interacted with since joining the blogging ranks.

This week I am so pleased to host Louise Nettleton from BookMurmuration. I spend ages browsing through the reviews on her website. All organised and easily accessed, it is a delightful blog to read. I know that by following Louise on Twitter, that she will recommend some amazing titles and books. She has offered some great tips and insight into her blogging background.

When did you start blogging and what made you begin?

I started blogging in February 2017. My intentions then were to feature books that I enjoyed and network with other bookish people. I was also making my first serious attempts to finish a novel and I wanted to read a wide range of books for inspiration. I was especially keen to go outside my comfort zone.

What are the highlights of blogging for you?

I’ve made some friends for life through blogging, and this is the thing I am forever grateful for. I’ve also spoken to a wide range of people, and I’ve learned something new from every single one. Networking with and listening to authors and people within the publishing industry has also been massively beneficial to my writing. The wide range of books I’ve had for review has also taught me so much about the current book market.

What are the challenges of blogging?

I aim to balance my reading with books in genres that I don’t review. Sometimes they can get overlooked.

Tips for Book Bloggers?

i. Keep in touch with other things that matter in your life and don’t be afraid to break off from social media if you need the headspace.

ii. Think about what you want from your blog without going into material terms.

iii. Have fun! When it stops feeling fun, tweak it until it feels right again. If you blog over a number of years, your blog will go through different phases. That’s natural: fit it around your life at the time.

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading Wave Rider by Lauren St John. I’ve loved LSJ’s stories for years: she’s a talented mystery writer with a passion for animals and the environment.

What is your most eagerly anticipated book this year?

How could I possibly choose? I’m very excited about the forthcoming novel from Piers Torday, The Wild Before, and I’m excited that he’s returned to The Last Wild trilogy. The Ice Whisperers by Helenka Strachera sounds fantastic too: icy lands, sisters born 40,000 years apart, and a magical land in danger.