Little Tiger Wonders

Little Tiger is a firm favourite in our house. They are publishing so many wonderful titles that I feel the book obsession taking over. I have that “must have” feeling when I see their picture books. The three in today’s post are all stunning, colourful and worthy of mentioning and celebrating.

The Space Train by Maudie Powell- Tuck, Illustrated by Karl James Mountford, Publishing 5 September

An enchanting space station where Jakob and Granny live light years away from Earth. This is full of gadgets, bolt laying chicken bots and a secret hiding in Hangar 19.  

It turns out that Jakob has found the abandoned space train which had been working when Granny was a little girl.  

Working together, Granny and Jakob fix and mend the space train in the hopes it will take them on some new adventures and fun across the universe. 

With stunning illustrations from Karl James Mountford and lift the flaps hiding space creatures, this is a fun book to read and share. 

Along the side of some pages is Jakob’s log where he records important details about his life and inventory of the space station.  It also documents his lack of friends, which is why he is so excited to fix the space train.

This is such a creative book and I enjoyed lifting the flaps, reading the logs and blasting away with Jakob and Granny.

In Every House on Every Street by Jess Hitchman, Illustrated by Lili la Baleine, Published 8 August

A lyrical, rhyming book perfect for children learning about the world around them.

It shows regular families going about their day to day routines, exploring the idea that all families have a similar routine of cooking in the kitchen, sleeping in bedrooms and washing in bathrooms.  

Gloriously illustrated make it a joy to read and discover.  Especially the fold out pages!

The joy of the family going about their baking,  eating together and playing together is heart warming and proves that we share similarities and differences in all our homes. One thought resigns supreme when reading…..friends, family and love are universally shared!

A lovely book that could be read to any class around the world to stem conversations about homes, family and traditions in cultures!

The Wonder Machine by Barry Timms, Illustrated by Laura Brenlla , Publishing 5 September

Barry Timms is incredibly lucky as his books tend to have peek through pages and lift the flaps, and incredible illustrations to match wondrous stories! 

Fox is a brilliant engineer, inventor and all round clever girl! She can fix anything and is set to create the wonder machine.  The wonder machine can make what you need most.  

Fox needs to search for a few items in order to create this amazing machine so she sets off to town, meeting others and helping them along the way.  In exchange for her help, the animals offer her the items she needs. 

This gorgeous book is full of love, friendship and helping others.  Will the wonder machine give Fox what she wants most? Read on to find out.

Barry Timms is one of my new favourite authors. His books create wonderful worlds where happiness reigns and friendships blossom.  Perfect books for children ages 3 and up! It just so happens  I had a class of Year 6 enjoying this book in July so it works for any age! 

Loving the books Little Tiger! Keep them coming!

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