Picture Book Perfect

My list of perfect picture books grows this week as the post brought new arrivals! Oi Puppies and Madame Badobedah have been highly anticipated in our house. I will try to post about them soon!

Today we have a travelling Lemur, giggling Pigs and trouble sharing!

Books perfect for sharing on a Saturday afternoon!

The Giggle Pigs is a brilliantly funny and wonderfully illustrated book.

Published in August 2019 by Scholastic

Asking the question, “Can you join in without giggling?” I couldn’t. I must admit my 8 yo daughter and I were having a lot of fun with this book, and it would appeal greatly to children in her age bracket and younger.

The intrepid explorers are setting off on another serious expedition and adventure, with just one rule- no giggling. All agree but it isn’t long before one after another, the Pigs are sent home for giggling. Especially as they travel down the custard river, climb mount frilly underwear or cross the swamp of burps. And of course, what funny book would be complete without bottom parps!

Adorable giggling pigs!
Published in 2019 by Gecko Press

Gorgeous illustrations accompany a superb story about sharing! Bear finds three mushrooms in the forest, Weasel prepares and cooks them! As they sit down to eat, there is much disagreement over who should eat the extra mushroom! Bear found them, Weasel cooked them, Bear is big, Weasel is small.

Around and around they go until the problem is solved for them. Dessert is still to come as well! Surprises await the reader in this delightful story.

I love this book and think it could prompt some great discussions over sharing, fairness and arguments!

Bear is delighted with dessert….wonder what it could be?
Published in 2019 by Gecko Press

A very sweet, heart warming story about friendships, helping each other and learning new things.

Otto is a Lemur who has cycled for months, maybe years to get to the North where his friends Nils and Lisa live. Otto has come to paint to Northern Lights. Unfortunately, Otto hasn’t planned for the incredibly cold climate and gets sick.

Otto rests in the sauna to get over his cold

Lisa and Nils plan a surprise for Otto so he can stay outside long enough to paint the beauty of the night sky. The kindness and thoughtfulness of his friends prompts him to gift the painting to them as he can take their gift home.

His home, after another long cycle ride, is full of colourful paintings, drawings and memories of “the beautiful landscape of the north”.

A colourful home to enjoy

Looking forward to a third Picture Book Perfect tomorrow!

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