12 Days of Christmas Reading!

Bears and Princesses are excellent Christmas story characters…especially kind bears and inventor Princesses!

The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel
Written by Tracey Corderoy, Illustrated by Tony Neal
Published by Little Tiger

Bear settles down with a book for the perfect Christmas when a “toot toot” comes from outside. A lost traveller with high expectations for a Christmas Extravaganza arrives and kind Bear tries his very best to make it a Christmas to remember. New friendships, fun and traditions make the duo plan to spend the next Christmas together as well. With superb illustrations from Tony Neal, this book is a complete joy!

The Snowiest Christmas Ever!
Written and Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Published by Little Tiger

Papa Bear and his Cubs are ready for Christmas! All they need now is snow….but when it starts to snow, it doesn’t stop! With so much snow there is nothing to do but have a snow ball fight and build a snowman inside the house. When the chimney gets blocked the family need to work together to make sure Santa can visit. The perfect gift awaits the family when they wake up the next morning. A truly beautiful book with stunning illustrations and a lovely family feel.

The Princess and the Christmas Rescue
Written by Caryl Hart, Illustrated by Sarah Warburton
Published by Nosy Crow

The entire princess series by Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton is just brilliant! The princesses are strong and fiesty, twists on the tales we all know and love. Incredibly detailed illustrations accompany rhyming text. In this book, Princess Eliza is an inventor but her parents want her to make friends and be more “Princessy”! Though forbidden to wander the woods, Eliza heads out looking for a new friend. Peeking through a door she sees sad elves who are too busy to chat. Santa is ill but Eliza knows just what to do! Princess Eliza to the rescue! Perfect for building confidence and imagination in young girls, this series is epic! A Super Christmas story!

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