12 Days of Christmas Reading!

Christmas chapter books can be an excellent way to spend time together as a family, especially with these funny books on offer.

The First Christmas Jumper (and the Sheep who changed everything)
Written by Ryan Tubridy, Illustrated by Chris Judge
Published by Walker Books

A Christmas loving, list making, multicoloured sheep named Hillary is the main character in this hilarious story. Join her on her adventure as she helps Santa to get a new Christmas jumper. It is a fun, sweet adventure full of heart and Christmas spirit. Hillary is adorable and I loved the sheep puns and the many lists. I am a list maker too but clearly not as stylish as Hillary! Excellent story accompanied by super illustrations!

The Naughtiest Unicorn at Christmas
Written by Pip Bird, Illustrated by David O’Connell
Published by Egmont

I was so happy to see a Christmas book featuring my favourite unicorn with attitude. Dave, the naughtiest unicorn is back with Mira, causing Christmas havoc. Another superb title in The Naughtiest Unicorn series. Class Red put on a Christmas show every year and Mira is ready to audition. Unfortunately when the roles are cast, neither she or Dave has a part to play. Ms Dazzleflank, the drama teacher, chooses a special role for them. Of course, there is always more than meets the eye with Dave, and he can find himself cast in the role of unlikely hero at times. Life is snow much more fun with Dave around. Fantastic illustrations really capture Dave’s grumpy facial expressions!

The Great Reindeer Disaster
Written by Kate Saunders, Illustrated by Neal Layton
Published by Faber

It’s the end of July and the Trubshaw’s are on holiday when they hear “Ouch…oof..bum…bum…bum coming down the chimney. Completely surprised by the tubby reindeer in their living room, they set about finding out more. Somehow the family end up travelling with Percy by transporter beam, to his home planet of Yule-1. The illustrations are classic Neal Layton, fun and fabulous. My daughter and I are currently reading this one and are just up to the part where the family meet Santa! So far, it’s fun and completely different, which we are loving! Can’t wait to find out more!

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