12 Days of Christmas Reading! The End…

Once upon a Christmas time, a new book blogger took on a mammoth task. It was decided to run a blog series based on the 12 days of Christmas, each day featuring several new books for the holiday season. Feeling spoiled for choice, it became a fun and enjoyable time. All good things though, must come to an end!

Today is the 12th day of my Christmas reading blog series. All of my Christmas books are now on display at the top of my stairs near to the bedrooms so my children and I can dip in and out as we want. Really starting to feel the Christmas spirit now.

Countdown to Christmas
Written by Adam and Charlotte Guillain, Illustrated by Pippa Curnick
Published by Egmont

Bear has announced a special Christmas countdown to his woodland friends and they are all very excited. Each day one new friend gets to go and find a prize. Everyone, except Mouse, seems to be getting their turn. Poor Mouse ends up ill in bed and worries about missing her turn and feels forgotten. Christmas Eve arrives with a surprise for Mouse. Bear hasn’t forgotten her and her present brings everyone together. With colourful, bright and fun illustrations, this book is perfect for counting down to Christmas. Told in rhyme, it rolls off the tongue and is a perfect class book. A special surprise awaits the reader of this book.

Christmas is Coming, An Advent Book
Illustrated by Kate Hickey
Published by Chronicle Books

This book has it all….jokes, stories, songs, recipes and decorations to make. Each day brings a new surprise to the reader, something different and a lovely way to count the days in December. Kate Hickey has Illustrated this book in a style that has a vintage, timeless feel. The cover is gorgeous and has a special treat for little hands, lifting the advent flaps to see the sweet pictures underneath. I fully plan to use this book with my family and I can see if being eagerly brought out every Advent season.

How Winston Delivered Christmas
Written and Illustrated by Alex T Smith
Published by Macmillan

When this published last Christmas, it was lauded and declared the book to have on your Christmas list. It has been published in paperback this Christmas and remains “the” book to own! We bought it and read it together night after night. The bonus is that each day also has an activity to accompany the chapter, ranging from writing your letter to Santa to making pomanders and doing random acts of kindness. Alex T Smith is a top author and illustrator, truly putting personality into his books and characters. We are massive Claude and Mr Penguin fans here so when my children saw his name on the cover, they knew it was going to be awesome! Now we just have to wait until Sunday to begin again.

Thank you to all the publishers who have sent copies of their Christmas books for this series. It has been a privilege to read and review these wonderful books.

It may still be November but…Merry Christmas to All!

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