The Highland Falcon Thief

Written by MG Leonard and Sam Sedgman, Published by Macmillan Children’s

An unforgettable adventure set entirely on a train? -Yes Please!

When Hal joins Uncle Nat on the farewell journey of The Highland Falcon he assumes it will be a bit boring. However, spotting a stowaway and then the disappearance of a priceless brooch ensure this is not a boring trip.

In a nod to the wonderful Agatha Christie, this book is perfect for would be detectives- where everyone is a suspect and unease grows as the train continues on the journey.

Hal and stowaway, Lenny, quickly becomes amateur sleuths looking for clues and small details. As Lenny is not an official passenger, she has access to plenty of information. But what happens when suspicions fall on them and Uncle Nat? It will take all their observational powers and eyes for details to save themselves and their families from investigation.

What I loved about this book was the incredible attention to detail- something entirely necessary for a mystery. Leonard and Sedgman have created a timeless masterpiece of children’s fiction. It will keep readers guessing and suspecting the entire journey. I try not to guess “whodunit” while reading, just to sit back and relax into the story.

The Highland Falcon comes alive in this book- becoming a character in itself. You can feel the clickety clack of the rails, hear the whistle and smell the steam. Completely immersive and wonderful to read.

I am entirely sure this will be an epic series of adventures on trains! Already looking forward to America and a trip on the California Zephyr!

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