The Power of Picture Books- Dear Earth

Written by Isabel Otter, Illustrated by Clara Anganuzzi
Published by Caterpillar Books (Little Tiger)

Sometimes a picture book can expressly convey an important message in few words, in images and in bringing the two together perfectly.

Dear Earth is a shining example of how powerful a picture book can be.

In this time of climate change, bushfires, flooding and endless debate over plastics, Dear Earth serves as a powerful letter to the planet. Tessa has grown up listening to her Grandfather’s tales of exploring, and the “pictures were painted in Tessa’s mind”. Feeling the need to write to the Earth, she begins simply, “Dear Earth”.

Once her imagination starts to work, she writes about places she wants to visit, animals she wants to encounter and the wonders she imagines in the world. The illustrations are incredibly detailed colourful and perfect for encapsulating the message.

However, Tessa knows our world is fragile and needs some TLC.

The overwhelming message is just how precious our world is and how we need to make changes to save it.

With helpful tips and ideas at the back of the book and with so much pressure to make small changes, we can hopefully create a massive impact. Reduce, reuse, recycle and make vital decisions about your impact on the Earth. This letter to the Earth is a brilliant lesson to all students. It could be a very moving activity to have them write their own letters to the Earth.

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