Picture Book Perfect

A fantastic selection of picture books, in all shades of blue this afternoon. In a completely unplanned post, I love that their covers are all blue!

Written and Illustrated by Antje Damm, Published by Gecko Pres

The Wolf and The Fly is another book from talented Antje Damm. Wolf is very hungry and starts gobbling up toys from the shelf. Guessing which one is missing is a fun puzzle for the reader as the pages are turned. The Wolf takes mini breaks between eating the toys until the end, where there is a fun surprise waiting for the reader. A brilliant board book and one to encourage the youngest readers to chat and guess about which toy has been eaten. Funny and interactive, a little gem for youngsters.

Written and Illustrated by Annemarie van Haeringen, Published by Gecko Press

My Mama is published in time to celebrate Mother’s Day, and the relationship between mother and child. While the reader enjoys the text and illustrations, we can see separate stories emerging. One from the child who tells all about his mum and the fun they have together. The other side of the story is illustrated, and we watch how the mum plays with, teaches and cares for her little elephant. A beautiful celebration of love and mothers. Gorgeous illustrations, lovingly drawn.

Written by Hannah Whitty, illustrations by Paula Bowles, Published by Simon & Schuster

Superkitty is back and ready to solve more mysteries! This time, the town’s food is missing and there isn’t enough left for the superheroes picnic. Suspecting the mice to behind the robberies, the team set off to investigate. A Mousezilla appears in the city and the team leap into action. In a surprising twist of events, the mice lead the team to the actual culprit. Someone is pretending to be the mayor and it is none other than…. sorry, no spoilers! A funny and colourful book to share! Superkitty is the one to call when trouble arrives!

The clever ladybird is back, solving crime and helping others. This time, at the seaside with sea creatures and a mermaid. Listening to Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len hatch a devious plan to steal the mermaid’s hair to sell to celebrities, the ladybird listens intently and then hatches his own plan with the help of the creatures in the sea. When night falls, the duo swim to the rock and cut the mermaid’s long flowing hair. They are in for a surprise when they open the sack in the morning though. Delightfully illustrated and fun rhymes make this an instant classic, perfect for fans of Donaldson and Monks previous collaborations.

Quite a range of picture books today, from celebrating mothers to saving friends, being superheroes and super hungry. Something for most tastes!

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