Barrington Stoke- Latest Titles

Publishing accessible and brilliant books that are wonderful stories as well as being dyslexia friendly. They are colourful, fun,engaging and written and Illustrated by some of the top authors and illustrators of the moment.

These three gems were all amazing and I will be sharing them widely!

Written by Laura Dockrill, Illustrations by Sara Ogilvie

Sequin’s mum is a talented seamstress and Sequin is so proud of her. She hopes her mum’s latest creation will be awed around the world and they can leave Primrose Mansions. The building isn’t fancy and neighbour, Moany, Bony Mr Tony, smokes and is unfriendly. Sequin’s mum rarely leaves the house and expensive fabrics are delivered for the next creation.

Sequin cares for her baby brother Stitch while mum works in the evenings. She allows him to sleep next to her. One night, a terrible fire rages in the building and they must escape. In all the rush, Stitch has been left behind.

An incredible surprise awaits the reader at the end of the book and it brought a tear to my eye. A delightfully original story, full of heart and love.

Written by Michael Rosen, Illustrations by Ashley King

This book features Michael Rosen’s classic charm and humour. Two short stories about tricks and cunning plans, richly illustrated and perfect for younger readers. In Clever Cakes, Masha needs to trick the giant grizzly bear from eating her. Pretending that her yummy cakes can talk, Masha ensures the bear doesn’t eat her and she can get home to grandma.

The Great Golden Belly-Button is a hilarious story of a bored King, and the hunt for the greatest lie. Plenty of people arrive preparing to lie to the king but he is unimpressed. Until one girl arrives and completely tricks him. A brilliant end to a funny story!

Written by Emma Carroll, Illustrations by Kaja Kajfez

Fran lives at Longbarrow House with her father, the Head Gardener. She unearths a bone on the same afternoon that Leo, the owners grandson,breaks his left. Wondering if it is a coincidence, Fran feels uneasy. Taking Leo out for daily walks, the pair discover a few more secrets about the grounds.

With war looming, Fran and Leo worry about the discoveries and their links to future events. Are these predictions for war, warnings or just coincidence? A mystery to be solved and a worrisome atmosphere, it is highly readable and enjoyable, a classic from talented Emma Carroll.

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