Gargantis by Thomas Taylor

Publishing May 2020 by Walker Books

Welcome back to Eerie on Sea….a seaside town steeped in myths and legends. From the impressive Malamander to mysterious Gargantis. Many townsfolk just know these as myths, legends and stories told by generations of fishermen over pints in the pub. However, as Herbie Lemon and Violet Parma know from experience, myths and legends are based on truth and are dangerous.

A terrible storm has been raging over Eerie for days, shaking the very foundations of the town. Many are quoting a past legend of “Gargantis sleeps, Eerie keeps, Gargantis wakes, Eerie quakes…and all falls into the sea.” Believing it to just be the name of a Storm, Herbie and Violet carry on discussing the latest lost and found mystery, A hooded figure had dropped off a mysterious shell with a clockwork mechanism, a shell that promptly ran away from the duo.

When another item is given to Herbie it is with much interest from those in the town. This glass bottle that seems alive and to shimmer with light, has caused Herbie to be in the centre of danger. He is being threatened and unbeknownst to him, there is a very good reason as to why.

Following impulsive Violet’s suggestion, the pair manage to open the bottle, and they are surprised to see a light, almost fairy like come from within. It soon attaches itself to Herbie and stays with him, living under his hat.

Eavesdropping on some unsavoury conversations, Violet and Herbie realise that the hooded figure is behind all the danger over the glass bottle. He is urging the fishermen to sacrifice him (Herbie) in order to capture Gargantis. Understanding that this is no mythical name for a storm but a true creature shocks Herbie and Violet.

An incredible sea faring adventure follows, and for Herbie who firmly decided never to go on a boat or in the water, this is a tough choice. With clever Violet and her love of books and legends by his side, they soon figure out the danger the town is in. Eerie will literally crumble into the sea if Gargantis is captured and killed.
Fighting fishermen, the hooded figure, the Vortis and Gargantis take its toll on everyone, but what they find under the Vortis is amazing.

Can Herbie become the hero again? Who is the hooded figure and why does he have a tentacle coming out of his neck? Do we know this figure?

I think it was invigorating to be back in Eerie on Sea, thrilling and adventurous. Herbie is given another clue to his mysterious past and I can’t help but hope we can piece together more for Herbie in future books in the series. Thomas Taylor has a true knack for bringing myths alive and I am already anticipating the brilliance of more to come.

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