Picture Book Perfect

Titles from Little Tiger and Oxford University Press

Five new picture books landed on my doormat last week and I was ridiculously excited. As a book blogger, the book post is a complete highlight! We all wait for the news of lockdown being lifted so we can browse bookstores, libraries and publisher catalogues.

These five picture books will keep me going a little longer and certainly Netgalley has become a go to for me to read new books. I still have fingers crossed that the physical copies of those books will find their way into my home so they can find their way into schools.

Impossible! Written by Tracey Corderoy, Illustrated by Tony Neal
Published by Little Tiger

Certainly a word we are hearing a lot of, this book may just have the answers we need. Dog dreams of visiting the ocean whilst living in the noisy city running his laundry. A new washing powder brings unexpected adventures and friendship. Uttering the word, “Impossible” time and time again, Dog is worried and afraid of adventure, even with new friend Crab at his side.

A delightful story filled with Tony Neal’s impressive illustrations

The catch phrase to take away from this story is “It’s only impossible if you say it is.” Crab teaches Dog to be courageous, adventurous and to step back and enjoy the journey. It is no secret I am one of Tracey Corderoy’s biggest fans, and this book continues to prove the reasons why. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones and find freedom in the journey! You can’t help but adore Dog and find Crab wise beyond his years!

The Bedtime Book written by S Marendaz, Illustrated by Carly Gledhill
Published by Little Tiger

A gorgeous book all about the importance of bedtime stories and sharing. Frank the dog is woken by a sad and frantic mouse searching for her favourite bedtime story. Cat and Owl have seen the book and offer clues to where it could be, joining in the search.

Colourful illustrations bring the nighttime to life

When it is found, Mouse sacrifices her favourite book so another little one can enjoy it, and goes home sad. In an attempt to cheer her up, Frank shares his favourite book and they both fall asleep curled up together. Wonderful story of sharing books and being good friends. A perfect bedtime book, and conversation starter about favourite books.

I’m Sorry written by Barry Timms, Illustrated by Sean Julian
Published by Little Tiger

Hard words to say to your best friend as Fox and Owl will learn. Scribble and Swoop are the greatest of friends, and vastly different. Scribble is a playwright and Swoop a carpenter. When they find the perfect home to share together, they are both drawn to the potential of the veranda. A super theatre space or a workshop….enemy lines are drawn as the friends battle it out for the space.

“But sorry is not a magic word. It only works if you mean it”! Incredibly wise words from master storyteller Barry Timms. Scribble and Swoop have some work to do to mend their friendship. The stunning and detailed illustrations will warm your heart. A valuable lesson to be shared with children, and adults too!

The Crow and the Peacock written and Illustrated by Jo Fernihough
Published by OUP

Although Crow is happy, he believes that other birds must be happier than him. Perhaps they sing better, live in a better place or have more beauty in their feathers. He flies around meeting Dove, Nightingale, Cockerel, Swan and Peacock, expecting them to be the happiest.

Colourful, striking illustrations allow the reader to be immersed in Crow’s world

What Crow discovers, however, is the opposite. They are not happy, they wish and want for more. The overriding message of being happy with who you are comes across strongly and makes for a joyous book to read and share with children. Often we compare ourselves with others but in reality we are all unique and wonderful, with a right to be happy and free.

Where’s My Peacock? Written by Becky Davies, Illustrated by Kate McLelland
Published by Little Tiger

A beautiful board book perfect for tiny hands and grabbing fingers. Tactile and sensory, join the hunt for peacock. A great introduction to animals with touch and feel wings, tails and beaks. A special ending to find the glorious peacock.

Captivating illustrations and use of fabric to promote touching.

Board books are excellent for little ones as they can withstand a bit of chewing, grubby hands and reading over and over again! This little delight will enchant the tiniest of readers. Adorable.

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